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Does your office find itself making small and avoidable mistakes in documents due to replication errors? Do you find yourself spending a lot of billable hours on additional reviews of drafts to decrease such errors? What if there were a better way to create perfect documents in seconds allowing your team to do the real work?

For over 20 years, Whizomation, Inc has specialized in helping law offices streamline workflow by integrating document automation, practice management and document management solutions. Each of these elements plays a critical role In improving the efficiency, organization, and communication within a firm, resulting in increased productivity and enhanced service to the client.

Most firms are familiar with the concept of practice management software, but often confuse document automation with document management. Document management is the equivalent of a filing cabinet. It gives attorneys and staff the ability to save, organize and quickly retrieve documents.

Document automation allows attorneys and staff to create perfect documents in seconds, in both English & Spanish. Every day, lawyers create and receive piles of correspondence, deal with staggering amounts of email, meet with clients, attend depositions, go to court – it can be quite overwhelming. By automating your templates, you can rest assured that the documents are perfect and consistent throughout the firm.

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