Every day, lawyers receive and respond to countless documents, keep up with staggering amounts of email, handle calendaring, go to court . . . lots of juggling. It can be overwhelming! One way to reduce stress and save an extraordinary amount of time is automating your documents so you can focus on other important issues.

Many law firms create documents using copy and paste, or search and replace. Sounds easy and efficient, right? 


Working this way often produces very embarrassing results:

“He hurt herself,” (copy and paste or search and replace), or “thethe,” (search and replace). My personal favorite: “We will persecute you to the full extent of the law.” (seems Spellcheck should catch this, but it doesn’t). Names in headers don’t match the addressee and/or the dates are not correct. Paragraphs go missing. 

Does this sound familiar to you? 

Whizomation creates user-friendly templates, in both English and Spanish, so these mistakes never happen. Each template is customized to your formatting preferences and includes electronic letterhead and signatures  

Reclaim your workday

Automate manual processes, deliver solutions quicker, and go from idea to workflow in minutes—all with clicks, not code—with Formstack’s workplace productivity platform.

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Improve the client experience, negotiate contracts, and keep your legal team organized and productive.

HotDocs™ is an award-winning global market leader for document assembly technology. It is the most powerful and versatile document assembly solution available and has been used in the legal community for decades. 

FlashDocs™ is a package of over 150 form letters and pleadings created specifically for Personal Injury firms. All client letters are written in both English and Spanish. Certified legal translators are utilized for all of the Spanish translations.

FlashDocs is extremely user-friendly, with easy to read dialogs and lots of options to choose from, such as inserting or omitting specific language, paragraphs or even other templates. Letterhead, office and staff information are changed in one place, automatically updating all new documents. Customized letterhead, letter and pleading formats are included.

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